Why ask Why?

Looking back to my days as a child I can remember one word popping into my head a lot, "why." Why is a question in it's simplest form, and one that kids can't seem to ask enough, at least that is what I remember from my childhood. Now that I am a mom, I can't say any different as my kids are always quick to ask "why this," and "why that." Now, I don't know about you, but when I was a child "just because," was never an acceptable answer; I wanted an answer I could understand, one that would explain even if it didn't make sense in my young mind.
As an adult I find all too often that why is a word seldom used, as explanations are seldom sought; instead "why" is overlooked, leading to the acceptance of many things, that had "why" been asked, wouldn't be so.
Just as when I was a child, I still ask "why," A LOT! It is a habit I am glad I never outgrew, and I am equally happy it developed into a healthy habit, as opposed to a hindering one; especially as I walk through life as a Christian. I say that because there are times when "why" is asked and there is not an explanation to give, and that has to be OK.
In the areas I wish to focus in-on here though, those being nutrition and health, I encourage you to ask "why" when things are not settled in your heart, and even when they seem to be. Examine things and situations in your life, and challenge yourself to identify where you should have asked "why" and didn't; ask it now, as you might be surprised at how different your reaction is with the new found knowledge you obtain. I don't say that to encourage you to live in the past, only to help you better your future!
If you don't ask "why," I will :) So stick with me here as I seek answers to all of my "whys" in the areas of nutrition and overall health, and share with you answers I have already obtained! It is my hope you won't be disappointed!

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